Goal Setting

Positive Psychology Learning – Caroline’s Exclusive Video on Goals & Grit

Caroline Adams Miller has joined Positive Psychology Learning as one of their first Associates.  
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The science-backed way to keep any new year’s resolution – Greatist

December 30, 2015 By Jeff Cattel We drank the holiday Kool-Aid, and now we’re full...
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New Year’s Resolution: Add Positive Psychology to Your Professional Toolbox!

Calling all coaches, helping professionals and anyone who works one-on-one with people who are seeking...
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Grit Isn’t What You Might Think It Is

How the word of the year has been incorrectly co-opted  Wherever you look, it’s there....
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What I Wish I’d Known When I Graduated From Harvard

What Every College Student Should Learn Before Launching In a few hours I will be...
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Should You Tell Anyone About Your Goals?

How One Man’s Sharing of His Own Dream Made It Come True Every few months...
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Five Life Lessons I’ve Learned In Rowing

April 17, 2013 About seven years ago, my daughter did well on an erg test...
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Do you have enough hope to succeed in life?

May 7, 2013 Shane Lopez’s new book, Making Hope Happen , reminds all of us...
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Peak-End Rule – From “Your Best Self” webinar

January 6, 2013 Here I talk about “peak-end” rule and how important it is to...
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