Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP

Individual & Group Coaching

Coaching is the most effective method available if you want to use professional support and training to identify and achieve meaningful goals. Caroline Miller has developed a unique niche serving leaders in many sectors that helps them to apply the science of goal setting and the research on flourishing to make proactive, positive changes for themselves and those around them.

Coaching in an Academic Setting

Coaching is not for everyone, but it is ideal for people who need accountability, focus and a structured approach to change.  Caroline’s pioneering work is admired and used often in academic settings like the Wharton Executive Education Program, as well as in corporate training programs around the world. She is renowned for the results she helps her clients to achieve in the shortest amount of time, and CEOs and senior executives appreciate her professionalism and discreet approach.


Caroline's Coaching Approach

My approach is extremely effective, and I’ve found that the vast majority of my clients achieve the goals they bring into our work. Once I commit to a client, I become their advocate, friend and challenging force. I require at least three months of commitment to coaching to maximize our effectiveness, and I often work with clients for well over a year or more to ensure that they achieve their objectives.

Breakthroughs are rare, but that is exactly what Caroline Miller helped me achieve, through her coaching. In the time we worked together I went from feeling stuck (and having a vague idea of what I wanted to do) to taking action on a clear and meaningful vision for my future. The information, insights and motivation that Caroline provided were critical to making that happen.

Julie Littlechild

Caroline and I worked together over many years. She was instrumental in successfully building two great companies and executing on tremendous exit events. I relied on Caroline to brainstorm the most challenging problems. She provided highly valuable advice in assessing the team and prospective hires. Caroline helped me articulate strategy to our Company and become a more inspirational leader. She had an uncanny ability to provide me with fresh perspectives and new ideas to navigate our way to a winning path.

Rich Harris
CEO, AddThis & CEO, SparkPost

I’ve been working with Caroline as my executive coach for two years. I wish every female leader would think of a professional coach as part of her core team. Caroline is a goal setting expert who has changed the way I look at long-term vision and how to succeed at difficult but meaningful goals. Knowing a well-trained coach has your back and can be a confidential advisor has made me more effective, confident and focused. The benefits have even been felt by my close friends and colleagues.

Farah Foustok
CEO Middle East, Lazard Freres

Working with Caroline has been immensely rewarding. Caroline worked with me during some of the most dynamic apexes of my career. Through that she has been an amazing coach and a fantastic listener who gave me the advice, guidance, and brainstorming that I need to succeed. Her depth and breadth of knowledge is unrivaled and the techniques and approaches we have practiced will enable me to continue to improve now and in the future.

syed zaidi frontpoint and system pavers
Syed Zaidi
CEO Frontpoint Security and System Pavers

Working with Caroline has been the best investment in myself. She is so intuitiveCaroline helped me understand why I was successful in certain situations and why I was hitting roadblocks in others. She was unbelievably skilled at helping me set goals based on my particular strengths. She was firm, but kind, in holding me accountable to take steps in furtherance of my goals. 

lauren makar haley
Lauren Makar Haley
Associate General Counsel, Spring Health

Your ‘Finding Mastery & Flourishing course with Mental Health Academy’ is a brilliant, well put together, research-based course Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP! I totally loved it all – thank you for creating it! I’ve been inspired to take action and do things a little differently both personally and professionally. Thank you!

Leonie Cutts
Leonie Cutts
Facilitator and Coach

Interested in becoming an individual client or having me work with your employees or team?

Since coaching works best when the “fit” is right between the coach and client, I offer one reduced fee thirty-minute session to hear about your goals and readiness for change, as well as answer any questions about how I work. 

Strengths & Goals Coaching Package

This is the perfect and affordable one-time exploration of how the research and science from Positive Psychology, motivation, grit and change can be used instantly to be your “best self” and approach goals with more confidence, courage and resilience. A 30-page booklet guides the participant through unique exercises prior to the session to prepare for a deep dive into one’s character strengths – their overuse, underuse and ideal use – and the creation of a framework for pursuing goals moving forward from an evidence-based perspective.

strenghts and goals coaching
Master of Applied Positive Psychology