Your Happiest Life Workbook


Your Happiest Life workbook is designed to walk you through a four-week goal-setting process.  It includes cutting-edge research, video examples, and unique worksheets that will prompt discovery, growth, and change that you can use repeatedly.  Whenever you set new goals and seek to clarify your purpose, this handy workbook will help you get the job done.

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We’ve all seen goal-setting books that promise lasting change, but until Caroline’s groundbreaking book, “Creating Your Best Life,” was published in 2009, no one had ever tied together all of the academic theories about how to set, pursue, and achieve goals from a scientific perspective, and show people how to maximize their chances of turning cherished dreams into reality.

Now she has written a workbook with even more updated science, plus state-of-the-art approaches, that walks users through a proven four-week goal-setting process. It includes six distinct themes, including Flourishing, Character Strengths, Goal-Setting, Self-regulation, Priming, Environmental Change, and has worksheets, embedded videos, journaling prompts, and other powerful ways that make learning powerful and permanent.

Martin Seligman, the “father of Positive Psychology,” has lauded Caroline’s pioneering approach to goal-setting and its link to the science of happiness, noting in his book “Flourish” that she “added a “major missing piece to the world of coaching” with “Creating Your Best Life” and her disruptively innovative way of thinking about success.

The “Happiest Life” workbook also includes her integration of the newest research on grit, which will be showcased in her forthcoming 2017 book, “Getting Grit.”