#IHaveYourBack Success Groups: How to Start, Run, Participate In and Benefit From a Mastermind Group for Women

In this guide, readers will:

  • Learn the most important two ways you can  identify who should be in your mastermind group and who should not
  •  Get the essential framework to create and run a successful group
  • Understand the reasons why women often fail to support each other, and how a group with “ampliship” can make such a difference in your confidence, well-being, self-efficacy, exploratory learning, and success in every area of life 
  • Learn how “The Disney Rule” has unconsciously held women back for decades
  • Understand how the right mastermind group promotes risk-taking and the creation of “relational grit”
  • Learn what the “Shalane Effect” is and why we all need to experience it
  • And so much more including worksheets, quizzes and room to take notes

Women are renowned for their power to create societal change and fight for justice, whether they are seeking the right to receive equal pay, control their reproduction or vote in political elections. 

But history shows that as passionate as women can be to fight for collective change, they are less likely to come together in groups to support each other’s individual goals and dreams because of cultural, linguistic and psychological barriers. This has led women to become better known for their “tend and befriend” responses to females who need nurturing, friendship and compassion, but unknown for taking a “believe and achieve” position that supports the dreams, ideas and successes of other women who are ambitious, bold and successful.

In order for women to reverse entrenched behaviors and norms that hold them back, they must also identify and overcome the roadblocks that they put in front of each other first, and arm themselves with the unique benefits that come from creating and participating in a self-formed mastermind group of women.  

These mastermind groups are designed to bring women together in an organized way on a regular basis to share wisdom and strength so that members have the safety to articulate and pursue their dreams with a sisterhood of love and support.

There has never been a book like this that has specific steps, evidence-based research supporting its points, stories from other women’s mastermind groups, and ideas about how to use the power of ritual to create this sacred and important space in your life. It is jam-packed with the psychological, social, biological and cultural research on why these groups usually don’t and can’t exist, and why you must form or join one immediately.  This is truly a groundbreaking first of its kind book! 

Buy this book for yourself, for the women you love in your life, and for anyone else who needs to get out of her silo and cultivate passion, purpose and persistence while also supporting other women at the same time in a structured, positive way.


The Sisterhood Solution: The Key to Building Strong Bonds with Caroline Adams Miller

Caroline Adams Miller joins Karen on In the Details for as she shares insights into how women can support and uplift one another. They confront the pervasive influence of mean girl culture that dominates our media and society, highlighting the importance of breaking free from its constraints. Caroline sheds light on the significance of surrounding ourselves with a supportive tribe and provides strategies to assess whether our circle uplifts us and how we can champion one another instead of extinguishing one another’s brilliance.