New Year’s Resolution: Add Positive Psychology to Your Professional Toolbox!

positive psychology and coaching

Calling all coaches, helping professionals and anyone who works one-on-one with people who are seeking to both flourish and set and accomplish new positive psychology and coaching
goals in 2015:

After six years of teaching “Positive Psychology and Coaching” to rave reviews at the University of Texas-Dallas School of Management, and most recently to an international audience of coaches, I’ve been approved by the International Coach Federation to offer my six-hour teleclass throughout all of 2015, with the first round starting in February and running until mid-March. For the convenience of professionals around the world, the class will be offered on Mondays at noon ET and again on Wednesday nights at 7 pm ET.

I loved your class, looked forward to it, and I hated to see it end. Your energy is contagious and I appreciate the passion behind your message. The content is both interesting and useful, both personally and in the coaching environment.

Teleclass calls are recorded and available for playback, and each week has a content-rich selection of research, articles and other links to add to your knowledge base on such subjects as:

  • Grit & resilience – how do you cultivate those qualities and what do they predict?
  • Character strengths – what are yours, how can you use the VIA Strengths Survey with clients, and how can they inform goal-setting and “Positive Interventions”?
  • Why is it essential to enhance your flourishing before pursuing your goals, and what is the research supporting that finding?
  • Why must you map out your social network and understand its impact on you if you want to succeed?
  • Priming – changing your environment to enhance goal accomplishment and well-being
  • Self-regulation – How can you add more willpower to your daily storehouse of this valuable quality and how is this research being used to run the Obama White House?
  • And so much more!

Course participants couldn’t say enough about the impact the course had on them and how they intended to work and live differently after completing the course.

Positive Psychology and Coaching has been a life-changing, awe-inspiring class and I am very much in gratitude to you for guiding us through this truly beautiful mindset of positivity!

The course you taught on Positive Psychology is the most influential course I have ever experienced in my coach training … It served to help me become more aware of the benefits of incorporating positive psychology as an approach to facilitate opportunities for me and for clients.

To learn more about the course and sign up for one of the spots in my Monday or Wednesday classes so you can kick off your new year with an unmatched educational experience, click here!

And for those who are planning to attend the ICF Conference from June 18 through 20, 2015 in Kansas City, I will be keynoting and sharing these teachings and more, with a focus on grit and goal-setting.  This is the year of the evidence-based coaching approach, so don’t wait to add some of these tools to your toolbox!



Caroline Adams Miller

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP is a pioneer with her ground-breaking work in the areas of goal-setting/accomplishment, grit, happiness and success. Caroline is the author of eight books, including Positively CarolineMy Name is Caroline,  Creating Your Best Life and Getting Grit. Live Happy Magazine named Creating Your Best Life one of the top ten goal-setting books ever published and Getting Grit one of the ten books that will change your life in 2017.  Her new book, Big Goals, is anticipated for release in the fall of 2024.  Caroline has been featured in BBC World NewsThe New York TimesThe Washington Post, USA Today, U.S. News &World Report, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR and CNN.  She is a graduate of Harvard University and holds a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

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