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Strengths & Goals Coaching Package

Strengths & Goals Coaching Package


This is the perfect and affordable one-time exploration of how the research and science from Positive Psychology, motivation, grit and change can be used instantly to be your “best self” and approach goals with more confidence, courage and resilience.

*Appointments for the next month will be scheduled upon receiving payment for the session.



For people who don’t have the time, focus or funds to explore the world of strengths, goal-setting, grit and Positive Psychology, I offer a two-hour comprehensive coaching session that includes:

  • A 19-page detailed report on your specific Values in Action (VIA) strengths, including how they can be used both interpersonally and intra-personally, including the potential overuse and underuse of strengths which can turn them into weaknesses (click here to see a short webinar about this)
  • A 100-page guide to setting short-term and long-term goals, with clear steps and exercises to help you move forward
  • Journaling exercises that have been found to enhance well-being, engagement and commitment to goal pursuit
  • A two-hour phone or Skype/Zoom/Google Hangout session to explore how to put this information together to help you approach your life and career with a fresh set of tools and science-based interventions


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