Strengths & Goals Coaching Package


This is the perfect and affordable one-time exploration of how the research and science from Positive Psychology, motivation, grit and change can be used instantly to be your “best self” and approach goals with more confidence, courage and resilience.

*Appointments for the next month will be scheduled upon receiving payment for the session.


For people who don’t have the time, focus or funds to explore the world of strengths, goal setting, grit and Positive Psychology, I offer a two-hour comprehensive virtual coaching session that includes:

  • A specially-designed 30-page guide for the in-depth session, including specific exercises and worksheets to prepare for maximum takeaways and breakthroughs
  • A deep dive into one’s VIA character strengths, including the ideal use of top strengths in a number of situations, as well as a look at the overuse and underuse of those same strengths and how to identify a “best self” blueprint
  • Journaling exercises that have been found to enhance well-being, engagement and commitment to goal pursuit
  • The option to download the recording of the session for one’s own personal use in the future
  • Explicit guidance in how to use goal setting theory with my revolutionary BRIDGE framework that will help guide you to success with both learning and performance goals

“Do you want to advance confidently in the direction of your dreams? If so, then stop what you are doing and schedule a coaching call with Caroline Miller. In two short hours, Caroline helped me to fully understand my character strengths. She showed me how my character attributes have played out to help and hinder my progress professionally. She taught me how to leverage my character strengths to work in my favor. Most importantly, Caroline worked with me to identify my goals and to brainstorm strategies for achieving them. She helped me to chart my course and in doing so put me on a trajectory for success. If you want to work with a top-notch professional who demonstrates competence, confidence and significant skill, then Caroline is the only coach for you.” —Marnie Tarzia, author and professional

“Caroline is a master coach—asking questions that get straight to the heart of the matter, clearly pointing out when one goal conflicts with another, and highlighting the strengths used that enliven and enrich. I left my time with Caroline feeling deeply satisfied, grounded in what’s most important to me—with clear steps to move my dream forward.” —Megan McDonough, Founder & CEO Wholebeing Institute & Director of Global Growth, Womens Presidents Organization