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Caroline Adams Miller

After publishing Creating Your Best Lifethe first evidence-based book to connect the science of success with the science of happiness, Caroline Adams Miller followed up with Positively Carolinea sequel to her first book, My Name is Caroline, which is the first autobiography by someone who overcame bulimia and stayed in recovery for many decades.

These books share a theme – how do you set and accomplish huge, life-changing goals, and what character strengths can be helpful in doing so? One of the key ingredients Caroline believes matters most is “grit,” which is defined as “passion and perseverance in pursuit of long-term goals.”

In her most recent book, Getting Grit, Caroline explores what grit is and isn’t, how the right kind of grit – which she calls “authentic grit” – awes and inspires positive performance in others, and how “bad grit” like “stupid grit,” “selfie grit,” and “faux grit” cause more harm than good, and are partly due to a shift in how our culture has not encouraged or rewarded resilience in recent decades.

The book contains new stories and cutting-edge research to show why grit isn’t something that is reserved only for “special” people; experts say that anyone can cultivate the behaviors and mindset of authentic grit which include humility, patience, persistence, teamwork and resilient thinking.

Critics have widely praised the book, including MacArthur Genius Grant winner and author of Grit, Angela Duckworth, who noted, “I don’t know anybody who has thought more than Caroline Miller about how to apply the scientific research on grit and achievement to our own lives.”  Live Happy Magazine also celebrated its publication by naming it “One of the 10 Books That Will Change Your Life in 2017.”

To see more about the book and download the introduction and first chapter for free, click here.



Angela L. Duckworth, Ph.D

Angela L. DuckworthThis is “must” listening for anyone who wants to know why talent isn’t enough in life, and why cultivating grit can mean the difference between success and failure.

Listen to Caroline interview Angela Duckworth.