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Unity Magazine reviews “Getting Grit”

Unity Magazine media reviewer Julie Rehm is a writer and editor who lives in Kansas City, Missouri. For many years she worked in the newspaper industry; now she produces publications for a nonprofit organization that serves women educators.

Getting Grit: The Evidence-Based Approach to Cultivating Passion, Perseverance, and Purpose By Caroline Adams Miller (Sounds True, 2017, $16.95)

Grit has become a buzzword in the self-improvement vernacular. Passion backed with determination and resilience is a characteristic many successful people share. Positive psychology expert Caroline Adams Miller says you don’t have to be born with grit; the quality can be cultivated. She relates her story of developing grit as a young woman struggling with bulimia. “I embraced a passion for living, for finding happiness outside of trying to have a perfect body, and for giving back to others instead of trying to figure out how I could come out the sole winner,” she writes.

Part 1 of Getting Grit examines positive and negative grit. Good grit helps people overcome obstacles and change the course of history. Bad grit promotes cheating and cutting corners to get ahead. In Part 2, Miller lays out the steps to getting grit: happiness, goal-setting, self-regulation, risk-taking, humility, perseverance, and patience.


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