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Can Money Buy Happiness? Yes, Sometimes! — The BBC World News Live

BBC World News Live with Laura Trevelyan – July 25, 2017

New research shows that using money to buy assistance with doing chores like housekeeping, gardening, dog walking and other time-consuming activities can improve well-being and lower anxiety.  In a world of “time deprivation,” what does this mean if we want to find more happiness?  BBC World News Live host Laura Trevelyan and Caroline Adams Miller discuss whether or not this is a valuable breakthrough and if women could benefit more than men from shucking off unnecessary labor and giving up guilt about feeling the need to “do it all.”  They also discuss how freeing up time is valuable only if we pursue meaningful goals instead of frittering away the new chunks of time, and why grit matters in accomplishing the most important goals we do find the time to pursue.

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