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Learning to Let Go

How to Let Go of Regret
Few people go through life without wondering about the path not taken or wishing they’d made a different decision at a crucial crossroad. “That’s part of being human,” says Caroline Adams Miller, author of Creating Your Best Life. “The second-guessing typically starts in your 20s over things like not pursing a relationship or choosing the wrong major in college. And in midlife, your doubts are more likely to be about past choices—that you didn’t quit an unsatisfying job years earlier or have children when you were younger.”

If you find yourself constantly asking, “What if?” that’s a sign there’s something missing from your life, and you should consider listening to those daydreams, says Miller. For example, if you’re kicking yourself that you settled for a stable job instead of pursuing your love of acting, try out for a production by your local community theater and see what happens.


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