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October 21, 2013

Read The Positive Work Life, a three-part editorial on achieving personal and work-life happiness, written exclusively by Caroline Adams Miller for The Marketing Boutique.

One of the most important findings in Positive Psychology is that we are completely in charge of our well-being, and that knowing what our natural emotional set point is, and what can move the needle to put us into a flourishing state, can alter the course of our day, as well as our lives.    It is hard to overstate the importance of being proactive about this aspect of how we live our lives, and what can happen to you as a result, particularly when it comes to goals, friendships and feeling like your life has purpose and meaning.

FINDING #1:  You can and should create your own happiness instead of waiting for happiness to happen to you.  Some of the most exciting research has been around the heritability of well-being, and the fact that although half of our daily happiness is genetically determined, almost half of it is completely due to what we think about and do on a daily basis.


  1. You are as happy as you want to be, from Positive Psychology
  2. People Matter More Than You Think
  3. Three Hard Goals On How To Achieve Happiness and a Successful Company
Caroline Adams Miller

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP is a pioneer with her ground-breaking work in the areas of goal-setting/accomplishment, grit, happiness and success. Caroline is the author of eight books, including Positively CarolineMy Name is Caroline,  Creating Your Best Life and Getting Grit. Live Happy Magazine named Creating Your Best Life one of the top ten goal-setting books ever published and Getting Grit one of the ten books that will change your life in 2017.  Her new book, Big Goals, is anticipated for release in the fall of 2024.  Caroline has been featured in BBC World NewsThe New York TimesThe Washington Post, USA Today, U.S. News &World Report, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR and CNN.  She is a graduate of Harvard University and holds a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing, being happy sounds difficult but when you explain it in actionable steps, it can be possible. Especially for a small business, follow-through, do a couple of things that maybe challenging and finish the goal can really make an positive impact to a business.

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