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Long Term Recovery with Caroline Adams Miller – ED Matters Podcast

“Long-Term Recovery: How I Got There and What I Learned That Can Help Others Get There” with Caroline Adams Miller

Interview conducted by Kathy Cortese, Gurze/Salucore

February 20, 2017

Today, ED Matters welcomes Caroline Adams Miller as they discuss long term recovery. Caroline struggled with bulimia in the 70’s and 80’s, and she shares her story from the past, but just as importantly her success in the present, as someone who is recovered. Within this podcast, Caroline expresses some opinions about the eating disorder field which some people may not agree with. We want to emphasize that these are Caroline’s opinions, but hope they can help lead to a dialogue or conversation that will continue to spearhead more stories of recovery in people of all ages.

To hear the podcast and access links to Stitcher, Google Play and iTunes to listen to the podcast there, click here.

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