• You Tube You Tube
    You Tube – Caroline on TV

    View Caroline Adams Miller’s appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox 5, Let’s Talk Live, It’s A Woman World and News Channel where she was featured …

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  • self-september-2011 self-september-2011
    Self Magazine

    Do You Need a Five-Year Plan?

    “If you don’t devise a plan, you may end up living by default—letting things happen to you, instead of making …

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  • Fox 5 News Fox 5 News
    Fox 5 News

    Give Mom The Gift of Time More women than men are unhappy with their lives by the age of 48. The main reason is they …

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    CBS, Washington (WUSA 9)

    How to Achieve Success and Happiness

    Caroline Adams Miller talks about life lists and the science behind goal accomplishment. To start with you need a life …

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  • Washington Post Washington Post
    Washington Post

    Banish Blue Monday: Tips on Keeping Resolutions

    “Traditionally, it’s the first day of the year when most people have broken their New Year’s resolutions, they”‘ve gotten …

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  • ap ap
    Associated Press

    Everybody in the pool: Torres inspires older women

    Caroline Adams Miller, an author, motivational speaker and personal coach in Washington, D.C., said she is using Torres …

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  • NationalPublicRadio NationalPublicRadio

    A List of To-Dos Before You Die

    Caroline was a featured guest on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” with Alex Williams, of the New York Times, …

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  • New York Times New York Times
    New York Times

    Ten Things to Do Before This Article Is Finished

    Caroline Adams Miller, a coach and motivational book author in Bethesda, Md., asks that her clients create …

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  • USA Today USA Today
    USA Today (AP)

    Researchers seek routes to happier life
    This article has been printed in hundreds of newspapers all over the world (made the front page of at least …

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