Getting Grit: Harnessing Passion, Perseverance and Purpose for Success

“I don’t know anybody who has thought more than Caroline Miller about how to apply the scientific research on grit and achievement to our own lives.” —Dr. Angela Duckworth, winner of the MacArthur Genius Grant for her research on grit

In these times of greater complexity, ever-increasing regulation and stiff global competition, organizations need people who can weather challenges, thrive emotionally and be productive. These are people who are not simply resilient, they are the ones who have combined passion, persistence and purpose to embody authentic grit. Grit is called “the secret to success” because it is a necessary ingredient in the accomplishment of long-term goals but how do people cultivate this good grit?

Caroline Adams Miller has focused on how to apply the research of Dr. Angela Duckworth on grit in pioneering ways to help individuals, teams and organizations cultivate and hire for that important quality.

In this presentation, Caroline shares timely examples, stories and research-based insights that your audience can use immediately to:

  • Cultivate authentic grit to stay resilient in the face of difficulties
  • Recognize the difference between good and bad grit, like selfie grit and stupid grit, and how good grit evokes “the awethentic effect” in others
  • Develop practical strategies that undergird grit, such as defining purpose, developing “harmonious” passion, creating intrinsic motivation, and fostering a “growth” mindset
  • Create a culture of grit that encourages people to put forth their best efforts in a way that inspires others to do the same
  • Spot grit in others and hire for grit

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