One of the hundreds of “gratitude note” Caroline received following her closing keynote at CPPA 2016 Annual Conference.


Dr. Angela Duckworth, winner of the 2013 MacArthur Genius Grant for her pioneering research on grit and development of the Grit Scale, publicly praised Caroline’s TEDx Grit presentation, saying “Beautiful talk by a paragon of grit! Caroline, bravo!”


Caroline did an incredible job! Her message “Grit: How to Get Things Done” was impactful. She had total command of the subject matter. Caroline had a cool way of speaking academically as well as using “hip” words and timely examples that everyone related to. We appreciated that she stuck around to sign books and mingle with our members long after her keynote.


I was very fortunate to run across Caroline Miller in my search for an impactful speaker. Her focus on grit, goals, and creating your best life fit perfectly with our goals. Once we scheduled our event with Caroline, she and her team worked with the utmost professionalism. Every detail from audiovisual needs to speaker transportation were addressed. Additionally, Caroline took time to schedule a call with me to learn more about our organization and what my goals were for the event. On the day of the event, she was very positive, helpful and well prepared. Her speech was flawless and she gave our members “food” to take home and consider. We believe she inspired our members to be better women, moms, and contributors to their communities. I would highly recommend Caroline Miller to any type of business or non-profit that is looking to create a memorable and impactful event.


Caroline Adams Miller delivered a complete Grand Slam at our healthcare company’s corporate conference. If you are looking for a keynote speaker who adds value, integrates academic research into practical applications, and moves people to action and change, you can’t do any better than enlisting Caroline and her topic on Goal Setting and Authentic Grit.


Caroline’s speech was elegant yet powerful, interesting and inspiring; the presentation certainly raised our attention to be more proactive toward life and inspire others to change!


Caroline Miller was an exceptional addition to our LEAD2017 conference and I’m so truly thankful to have been able to share her charismatic and inspirational keynote with our audience. She seamlessly engaged with everyone and left us all feeling inspired and more empowered to be better leaders in both our professional and personal lives. Thank you Caroline, for teaching us about Grit and showing us that we can all inspire change.

Leader of LEAD,

Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the success of the 2017 PESA National Conference, held in Sydney on 17-18 March. Your keynote address “Getting Grit: How to Embed Passion, Persistence and Awe in your School,” was quite compelling and I know that our delegates learned a great deal from your expertise. Your insightful observations on awe and growing grit certainly resonated with our delegates, who appreciated the opportunity to learn from an international presenter of your caliber. Your engaging and dynamic keynote address was a wonderful way to kick off our conference.

CEO, Positive Education Schools Association Ltd

“People are hungry for grit” was Caroline’s Adams Miller’s last line and it was greeted by a standing ovation. Caroline told inspiring stories, including her own, of ordinary and extraordinary grit from everyday life and she closed with ways to build grit and hope. We left the room inspired and ready to act. The positive feedback has been overwhelming.

US Army, Retired Program Coordinator, International Coaches Federation 2015 Conference-Kansas City

Caroline’s engaging and thought provoking presentation on Creating Your Best Life left our team primed to set hard short and long-term goals, push themselves to learn more and get the absolute most out of our whole person wellness and self-leadership programs. Our team felt “empowered,” “invigorated,” “inspired to embrace grit” and Caroline’s talk provided numerous “light bulb moments I will remember forever.” We are so grateful to have been able to share her knowledge and passion with our team.

Culture & Engagement Manager, Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd

Our teachers found Caroline’s presentation on grit to be engaging and inspiring. Many have since indicated an interest in working together to integrate the teaching of these critical life skills into their classes. We are looking forward to using this professional development to rethink our curricular priorities and help students adopt more of a growth mindset.

BERGEN COUNTY TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Caroline’s cutting-edge insights on Grit and Goal Setting are awesome, and so needed in the business world now!

Director, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Caroline is a dynamic and gifted presenter. Her talks on Grit are insightful, compelling and draw from her expertise and experience in a range of areas, including positive psychology. It was a joy to host her at Ravenswood School for Girls. We have received excellent feedback and, in working with us, Caroline went ‘above and beyond’ in making the most of opportunities to connect with our students, staff and community. She is an inspiration.

Principal, Ravenswood School for Girls

Caroline was a powerhouse at our 2016 leadership conference. She challenged us to put the ‘awe’ back into awesome and how to use grit to accomplish our hard goals. Her message of ‘you can’t keep what you don’t give away’ inspired bold sharing and deep conversation from the audience and has continued to resonate throughout the organization beyond conference.

Development Manager, lululemon athletica

Your keynote at the 2017 Learning and the Brain Conference has given many educators and clinicians access to information that will benefit their work with children, adolescents and families. They will be returning to their schools, districts, organizations and programs with fresh insights based on solid research.

President, Public Information Resources Inc

Caroline Miller has been Vector’s Executive Coach for several months now, which has completely altered the dynamic of our entire office. Because of that success, we contracted with her to address our senior management team on the topics of positive phycology and “grit”. In my 40 years in business, I have never left a presentation with the enthusiasm for both business and life as I did yesterday. She spoke to us for two hours and without exception, every one of my managers wished she could have stayed longer. All I can say is “motivating, incredible and informative”

President & CEO of Vector Technical Resources

Caroline Miller is an inspiration! Her engaging and powerful presentation resonated with our audience of scientists by incorporating data and research on grit into her stories and observations. She taught us not only why grit is so critical, but how to cultivate perseverance and passion to achieve our goals.

Founder, Inspiring Women in STEM Conferences

There are only two speakers I’ve ever heard who are worth the time, money and effort it takes to get there. One was the first blind person to achieve the summit of Mt. Everest. The other is Caroline. She is mesmerizing, authoritative and exceptionally skillful at communicating her passion for goal accomplishment and Positive Psychology.

author of “Dare to Dream and Work to Win”

The audience sat spell-bound, engrossed and engaged as Caroline led us through a presentation and fascinating interactive group discussions focused on helping us capture insight into what our actual happiness drivers are. You know that you have presented a home-run program when you receive feedback like this from one of our attendees: I Just wanted to tell you that last night’s PowerUp Your Happiness was the best program I have ever seen at an association event.

Chairman & Founder, Success in the City

Quit or Grit? Caroline’s presentation to the membership of the Human Resources Leadership Forum of Washington, DC provided a unique and thought-provoking point of view about the relationship between goal setting, achievement and behavioral change. Caroline’s ability to provide topical research and evidence, as well as relevant, real-world examples to her audience, is compelling. I encourage all leaders to follow her and take her Authentic Grit Challenge.

Managing Director, Lee Hecht Harrison

Caroline Adams Miller combines thought-provoking analysis with excellent strategies for educators who are navigating the terrain of stress managment and goal setting in the workplace. Her energized delivery, sense of humor, and excellent command of cutting-edge research are captivating. Her passion inspires teachers, parents, and students alike

administrator Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bethesda, Maryland

Caroline Miller’s presentation, Creating Your Best Life for Success, captivated the people who attended the January Positive Business DC Meetup. Her engaging style brought goal setting to life, and enabled us to experience how setting ‘unrealistic’ goals can actually transform one’s life in unexpected and rewarding ways. The feedback we’ve received from this Meetup has been off the charts. To sum the experience in a single word? Inspirational!

co-founder Positive Business DC

Caroline is an inspiring speaker. Her mastery of the information and passion for empowering her audience is a winning combination.

Leadership Coach

Where did we find this gem? Fabulous!” Caroline was spectacular, engaging and gave us practical tips that we can put to use right away. I loved this speaker, and I don’t say that about most speakers. She was first-class and scientifically sound. I will be better at what I do because of her talk.


We asked Caroline to be the keynote speaker for the McLean Chamber of Commerce Women’s Leadership Forum – our theme was The Next Chapter. Caroline’s message, “Goals, Choices, Regrets….Next Chapter” couldn’t have been more on point or inspiring. She challenged us to be intentional and proactive in all that we do – crafting goals that give life meaning; a life without regret. She changed lives at the event.

Watkins Meegan and Chair, Women’s Leadership Committee, Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce

Excellent choice of a speaker! Ms. Miller was very articulate, knowledgeable, and inspiring. She possesses just the right amount of energy and stamina in presenting the material: positive psychology. Her presentation style captivates, invigorates, & engages the audience.

International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C.

Caroline helped us see that we have something special; that we have displayed grit from our inception; and, that dreaming big and bold is something we MUST continue to do.

Board Chair, IMPACT Austin

Your talk was thought-provoking, fascinating, and refreshingly honest. The excitement seen during the Q&A discussion is certainly a testament to the relevance of your work and the quality of your presentation.

Alumnae-i Network for Harvard Women - DC

Caroline provided a framework for thinking about what helps people persevere, and what skills and attitudes they might marshal to maximize success in their personal and professional lives. Interesting and inspiring!


Caroline’s energy and expertise hit the mark… Caroline got my people excited about the agency they have around their own job satisfaction and happiness. Caroline’s dynamism shines in the room without question, but her content shifts mindsets and helps make people an active participant in their professional experience. We are very grateful she shared her wisdom with our teams. Thank you, Caroline!


Caroline is the perfect combination of research knowledge and a practical approach to positive psychology. All the class was thrilled!!!!

Head of the Institute of Wellbeing and Happiness, Universidad Tecmilenio

I personally loved everything you shared. By the end, I was incredibly inspired and motivated. These kind of talks for me are life changing. We also received great comments and feedback from all attendees.


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