Here are a few worksheets to help you get started on goal setting and enhancing your happiness.

  • best
    Best Possible Self

    Best Possible Future Selves Exercise

    Optimism is a powerful tool for increasing happiness and life satisfaction. PDF

  • 3
    Three Blessings

    Three Blessings

    This simple exercise has been found to boost happiness levels as long as you continue to practice it regularly, and with mindfulness. PDF

  • herding
    Herding My Sheep

    Herding My Sheep

    The most successful people know that the process of “herding sheep” twice a day is one of the essential ingredients in being productive and focused. PDF


  • 100
    100 Things

    100 Things

    One of the most interesting and fun exercises we can do is make a comprehensive list of experiences we would like to have before we die. PDF

  • goals
    Goal Setting

    Goal Setting Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to brainstorm your 2012 goals and then break them into manageable pieces including your support system and sub-goals. PDF

More worksheets on topics like resilience, social contagion and implementation intentions
were specially created for readers of “Creating Your Best Life,” and clients of Caroline Miller Coaching.