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Coaching is the most effective method available if you want to use professional support and training to identify and achieve meaningful goals. Caroline Miller has developed a unique niche that helps people implement the science of goal-setting and the evidence-based approach to happiness to create optimal conditions for success.

Coaching is not for everyone. It is challenging, but also exhilarating, because of the self-esteem that emerges from going outside one’s comfort zone to get more out of life and live without regrets. The key difference between coaching and other modalities is the assumption that the client is high-functioning and willing to work towards change.  Ms. Miller is often called upon to assist people who have run into the following familiar situations:

  •  A desire for change, but no idea how to map out the right goals and stick with the plan
  • A need for a coach who is educated in the specific science of goal-setting and the motivational theories that relate to success
  • A set of goals that conflict or are not aligned with one’s values
  • Insight into desired actions, but a history of not taking enough risks to achieve the desired outcome
  • Men and women who want more out of life, as well as a zestful infusion to help them have hope about their future options

My approach is extremely effective, and I’ve found that the vast majority of my clients achieve the goals they bring into our work. Once I commit to a client, I become their advocate, friend and challenging force. I require at least three months of commitment to coaching to maximize our effectiveness, and I often work with clients for well over a year or more to ensure that they achieve their objectives.

In a very short period of time in working with Coach Caroline, I have developed a framework for effectively changing thoughts, behaviors and habits that are resulting in significant life changes that have long been difficult to realize.
— Jay Egan, Health Care Executive

My goal is to teach clients how to coach themselves so that they can use my tools and worksheets to help themselves in any arena of life that requires grit, change and success. Since 2000, I have been delighted to coach hundreds of clients around the world to achieve a wide range of results, including some of the following:

  • Becoming top performers in a variety of industries
  • Changing careers and reentering the workforce
  • Taking a company public and merging corporate cultures
  • Creating and running successful businesses
  • Getting elected to public office
  • Publishing books and developing a significant market presence
  • Becoming better organized and more productive in multiple ways
  • And much more!


Coach Caroline has an extraordinary understanding of the drivers of human behavior. She possesses a unique ability to identify the underlying forces that create a gap between where one is and where one would like to be.

Since coaching works best when the “fit” is right between the coach and client, I offer one reduced fee thirty-minute session to hear about your goals and readiness for change, as well as answer any questions about how I work. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation about becoming an individual client, or working with your employees or team, contact me to request more information.