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Certified Professional Coach
Best-selling Author
Media Personality
Keynote Speaker & Teacher

caroline adams miller

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP is well-known coach, author, speaker and educator in the fields of empowerment, change, well-being and the science of goal accomplishment. Her fifth book, “Creating Your Best Life” (Sterling 2009), was the first book to connect the science of happiness with the science of goal-setting. Martin Seligman, the “father of Positive Psychology,” said in “Flourish,” that her book “added a major missing piece to the world of coaching” because of its ground-breaking and evidence-based connection between Positive Psychology and success.

Her newest book, “Positively Caroline,” (Cogent 2013) is a sequel to her best-selling “My Name is Caroline,” (Doubleday 1988, Cogent 2014) which was the first major autobiography by a bulimia survivor. “Positively Caroline” picks up where the first book ended, and includes a detailed look at how the science of flourishing can assist others with long-term addiction recovery.

Caroline is often in the media and has appeared in many radio, television and magazine stories, and was the first Positive Psychologist on satellite radio with XM’s “Positive Tip of the Day” between 2007 and 2009. She was named the 2012 Good News Ambassador by the Good News Network, and received the Mentoring award from the George Washington University School of Business in 2013 for her decades of helping others to achieve their goals.

Caroline’s next book, “Authentic Grit,” will discuss why this character strength is so important to a flourishing life, how to get it, and who has it. She gave a well-received TEDx talk on grit in September 2014 called “The Moments That Make Champions.” Angela Duckworth, winner of the 2013 MacArthur Genius Grant award for her research and findings about what grit predicts said: “Beautiful talk by a paragon of grit! Bravo, Caroline!”