When Women Win: Leadership Strategies that Foster a World of Gritty Women

In today’s chaotic world, and particularly as the result of the pandemic, which has been dubbed a “shecession,” women are doing more than they ever have before. And because women are often so busy meeting everyone else’s expectations, their own professional and personal goals get left behind. In one of her most popular presentations, Caroline inspires women to become their authentic, ideal selves—not just who they feel they “ought” to be—and provides proven techniques to help them thrive and cultivate the passion, persistence, humility, and courage to achieve their toughest goals.

In this session, female leaders learn practical steps to create their best self in and out of the office, including how to:

  • Identify and use their character strengths to flourish
  • Build a resilient mindset
  • Add a “believe and achieve” mindset to women’s “tend and befriend” behavior
  • Use the new science-based approach and BRIDGE methodology to set goals and pursue them for successful outcomes
  • Cultivate a culture of positive energizers, including men who support women’s efforts
  • Learn how “ampliship” can be the most beneficial approach to spreading positivity and impacting future generations of female leaders

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