Game-Changing Goals: The Revolutionary BRIDGE Method That Gets Results

The pandemic has created upheavals in our businesses and the way we set, pursue and achieve goals. Old ways of measurement and motivation, like SMART goals and OKRs, are increasingly being replaced by more cutting-edge, scientific approaches that give workers better  tools to flourish, focus and create engagement.  This includes knowing how to separate learning goals from performance goals, which can help organizations avoid some of the biggest disasters in business history, such as Boeing’s 737 Max and Volkswagen’s defeat device for diesel engines.

One recent survey found that the most resilient organizations during crises are those that have clear expectations, ways to measure progress, and the resources to accomplish them. Caroline Miller’s revolutionary BRIDGE methodology replaces some of the most common, but outdated, approaches that lack the cutting-edge research on flourishing interventions, grit, goal setting theory, character strengths, motivation, gender differences and psychological safety. When goals are set correctly, the results include greater worker engagement, a flourishing workplace, more hope and increased productivity.

In this program, you’ll learn to:

  • Use the new BRIDGE methodology – brainstorming, relationships, investments, decisions, grit and excellence – to improve your pursuit of goal accomplishment and establish more effective pathways to success
  • Understand the difference between learning goals and performance goals from Locke & Latham’s goal setting theory – when to use each, when to blend them, and why mixing them up can lead to business catastrophes
  • Identify each individual’s top character strengths so that they can be at their best, while also learning how to avoid overusing them to create weaknesses
  • Establish accountability and build a culture of positive energizers

This topic can be personalized in many ways, including half-day, full-day and multi-day workshops and retreats. It can also be focused in gender-specific ways and is appropriate for mixed audiences, too.

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