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As a positive psychology expert, Caroline uses her keynotes and workshops as a platform to inspire and empower her audiences to set and accomplish goals by using their grit … thus being more successful and happy both in their work and life. All of Caroline’s keynote presentations and workshops offer insightful scientific research, applicable examples and powerful stories including her own personal journey and leaves her audiences with tangible takeaways and actions they can use to create their own happiness and success. Below are her two most popular topics. These topics are available as a 45-60 minute keynote as well as half or full day workshop.

Putting the “AWE” Back In “Awesome”

Although the word “awesome” is thrown around a lot in today’s society, experts say that we have become “awe-deprived” in recent years due to cheating scandals in sports and business, lowered standards for excellence, and school funding being cut for the arts and music. The millennial generation, however, has been raised with abundant praise, leading to concerns that when their performance reviews aren’t “awesome” they feel discouragement and demotivation. Easy goals and low standards for excellence can actually prevent people from becoming awesome. According to the most current research, when people are truly awe-inspired by extraordinary behavior and events, they are profoundly impacted, and are more likely to work hard, be hopeful, and be kind to others. Grit is also an essential element in being awesome, and specific character strengths that undergird gritty behavior can be cultivated to support becoming awesome. Using research, client stories and her own personal experiences, Caroline weaves together a variety of information that will leave audiences understanding the importance of hard goals, gritty behavior and why inspiration is a necessary ingredient in a flourishing life.

  • After attending this session, you will be able to:Develop three behaviors that have been found in authentically awesome people
  • Cultivate their own character strengths that lead to becoming grittier
  • Set their goals so they inspire not just themselves but others, too, to pursue awesome goals

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Create Your Best Life
How to Identify and Pursue the Most Meaningful Goals with Grit

Studies have found the happiest people are those who wake up every day to clear-cut goals that provide their lives with meaning and purpose. Their goals are usually quite difficult; however, they don’t quit or make excuses. Instead, they rely on the characteristic of “grit” to thrive and succeed at accomplishing their goals. Grit is defined as “passion and perseverance in pursuit of long-term goals.” In this session, positive psychology expert Caroline Adams Miller shares her unique, comprehensive and evidence-based approach to helping you create and accomplish any goal on your list. You will learn the power of goal setting and grit to drive happiness and success in your professional and personal life.

After attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Set learning and performance goals – and why each matters
  • Identify your “web of influence” and know who should and should not be in it
  • Start using the environment to trigger positive habits and goal success
  • Cultivate grit in yourself and use it as your “secret to success”

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Authentic Grit:
Your Secret to Happiness and Success

Grit is increasingly considered one of the key ingredients of success. It is defined as “passion and perseverance in pursuit of long-term goals.” How gritty are you? If you do not know, you are not alone. Some people are predisposed to be more resilient and optimistic than others; however, most people don’t know how to identify and cultivate grit, and as a result don’t achieve their full potential in their work or personal lives. Positive psychology expert Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP uses insightful scientific research, applicable examples, and powerful stories to help you understand why this character strength is so important and what you can do to cultivate it in yourself and others. The audience takeaways include specific actions to change your behavior and mindset so that you are more likely to achieve fulfillment and success with all of your goals.

In this session, Caroline will teach you how to become gritty. After attending, you’ll be able to:

  • “Change the channel” when difficulties arise and use more effective self-talk that is based on the newest brain science
  • Challenge yourself to take the right risks by asking “why not?” instead of “why?”
  • Create positive relationships and moments that define effective, resilient teams
  • Develop clear-cut goals – both learning and performance goals – and avoid the mistakes most people make

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IDEAL AUDIENCES: Anyone who is required to create and accomplish goals in their jobs or wants to create a better life for themselves. Specific audiences have included: Leaders, Women’s Groups, Universities, Schools, Entrepreneurs, Sales Teams, Athletic Groups, Multi-level Marketing Distributors, and Professionals such as Lawyers, Financial Advisors and Accountants.

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Caroline keynoted at the lululemon leadership conference’s 1000 attendees in October 2016 at the Whistler Conference Center in Canada.


Caroline often keynotes to large audiences about her unique approach to goal success. Here she addresses a multi-national audience at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C.

Keynote Speaker

Caroline keynotes regularly at conferences on leadership, human resources and creating a positive work culture, as she did here at the WorkHuman conference in Orlando, FL in 2016.