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Ottawa Citizen

Intimate friend circles linked to increased happiness, studies show “Even if we don’t call upon it, just knowing we have that invisible net of support... Read More

VIA Institute

Caroline Adams Miller presents, Goal-Setting with VIA Strengths for Productivity and Success. Caroline was invited to present in the VIA Institute Pioneer Speakers Series in... Read More

Health Magazine

BE MORE ASSERTIVE (AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT) The payoff of having your own back, though, is enormous—and it’s so much more than simply getting... Read More

The Province

“Thin women are not just a bag of bones. We shortchange them when we (ignore the fact) that they have other qualities or traits that... Read More

Creative Living Magazine

Creative Living Magazine, Filling Life’s Bucket. Making a list, achieving your dreams. “We’re wired to achieve things and conquer our environment,” says Caroline Adams Miller…... Read More

Success Magazine

Quirky, Flourishing Families “Happy families do a lot of things better than most, including specific, quirky rituals that the family counts on for emotional stability,”... Read More

Real Simple

17 Ways to Party (and stay hearty) Beating the Blues: Don’t assume that this is the most depressing time of the year. Contrary to popular... Read More

Fox 5 News

A New Trend Found in Eating Disorders In the last five years there has been a 42% increase in the number of women seeking treatment... Read More

Self Magazine

“If you don’t devise a plan, you may end up living by default—letting things happen to you, instead of making them happen,” says Caroline Adams... Read More

Health Magazine

Defy Your Age: What truly helps you stay younger inside and out. “It’s totally possible to rediscover that zest and optimism you felt when you... Read More

Bethesda Gazette

Bethesda life coach encourages grit and perseverance in new book “The best  goals are those that make you profoundly uncomfortable while you are doing them.”... Read More

Wall Street Journal

What Drives People to Take a Creative License? Facing Budget Crunches, States Appeal To Vanity; “Territory Marker’s” and Honking Vanity plates can boost self esteem,... Read More