we have fun license plate

How a Vanity License Plate Can Boost Your Business, Not Just Your Ego

Vanity plates can do more than just make you smile. Caroline Adams Miller, a performance coach from Bethesda, Md., says a vanity license plate can...
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reboot a bad day

How to Reboot a Bad Day in 10 Minutes or Less

PERFORM A POSITIVE ACT It might not seem like the most logical thing when you’re buried under work, but taking the time to do something...
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StyleCaster | Positive Thinking

We’ve all heard the phrase “Think positive,” or some version of it. Not only are we told that it’ll simply make us feel better and...
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Caroline Adams Miller on the Radio

Caroline on Bill Martinez Live | CRN Digital Talk Radio

Caroline talks to Bill Martinez about how social media is hurting teens, particularly because of the picture sharing, and the ways in which technology disconnects...
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Bethesda magazine

The Reasons of Our Discontent | Bethesda Magazine

October 24, 2013 “For generations, people have tried to understand what is the secret to the well-lived life,” says Caroline Adams Miller, a Bethesda-based executive...
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Positive Work Life Editorial | The Marketing Boutique

October 21, 2013 Read The Positive Work Life, a three-part editorial on achieving personal and work-life happiness, written exclusively by Caroline Adams Miller for The...
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Success in the City, CEO Chick Chat | Part Two

September 18, 2013 In the second part of my CEO Chick Chat with Cynthia de Lorenzi, I talk about how I approached parenting my own...
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Success in the City, CEO Chick Chat | Part One

September 18, 2013 In the first part of a CEO Chick Chat with Success in the City founder, Cynthia de Lorenzi, on September 11, 2013,...
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yahoo shine

Yahoo! Shine | I’m Amy and I’m A Groupon Addict

August 27, 2013 “In our fast-paced society, people will do pretty much anything to avoid the pain of seeing a door close in life,” says Caroline...
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