Do these 5 things to get your career in tip-top shape for 2017

The New York Post – December 24, 2016 By Vicki Salemi The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day means one thing: checking off the...
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3 Steps to Keep the Goals You’ve Set

LiveHappy Magazine March/April 2016 By Caroline Adams Miller When we attempt to accomplish a goal, adopt a new habit or change a behavior, it is...
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Setting Career Goals with Caroline Adams Miller – Live Happy Podcast

January 20, 2016 – Live Happy Podcast on Goals In this episode Live Happy magazine Science Editor Paula Felps talks with Caroline Adams Miller, who has been a pioneer...
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Positive Psychology Learning – Caroline’s Exclusive Video on Goals & Grit

Caroline Adams Miller has joined Positive Psychology Learning as one of their first Associates.  
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The science-backed way to keep any new year’s resolution – Greatist

December 30, 2015 By Jeff Cattel We drank the holiday Kool-Aid, and now we’re full of warmth, cheers, and yes, sweets.  We’re feeling optimistic as...
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How to Ask for Help – And Get It!

NEA Member Benefits, September 2015 By Amy Paturel The most successful educators know when—and how—to ask for help. Tips from the experts will help you learn...
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Talent Growth

How to set good goals, get happier & get gritty

In this episode of the TalentGrow Show, Halelly Azulay interviews Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, a Certified Professional Coach, Best-selling Author, Media Personality, and Keynote Speaker...
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Ashley Thompson, 22, worked with Caroline Adams Miller to get her mojo back after losing confidence.

A Millennial lost confidence when she couldn’t find a job. Here’s how she got her mojo back.

The Washington Post – May 14, 2015 – From “The Inspired Life” In our feature, Timehacker, we match readers with coaches to help them find...
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good life

Want to be more confident? Set some goals!

Louisa Jewell interviews Caroline Adams Miller, author of the book Creating Your Best Life and expert coach on goal setting. Here she shares how setting...
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