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Learn the power of goal setting and grit to drive happiness and success in your professional and personal life.

Speaker and Presenter

Ms. Miller is widely recognized as a uniquely talented speaker who shares her pioneering work with Positive Psychology, goal-setting and grit with audiences around the world in new and provocative ways. Since the late 1980s, she has been keynoting at wellness conferences, colleges, workshops, corporate goal-setting events, symposia, company retreats and university classes with her acclaimed blend of research, personal experiences, charisma and client stories. She draws raves in every setting, and is often asked for repeat engagements.

See her upcoming schedule of both public and private events.

Popular Presentations

Caroline’s most popular presentations are Creating Your Best Life: How to Identify and Pursue the Most Meaningful Goals with Grit  and Authentic Grit: Your Secret to Happiness and Success.

All of Caroline’s keynote presentations and workshops offer insightful scientific research, applicable examples and powerful stories and leaves her audiences with tangible takeaways and actions they can use to create their own happiness and success. To see the full topic descriptions and learn more visit here.

Clients and Testimonials

Caroline’s recent clients include: Morgan Stanley, Brown Brothers Harriman, Wharton Business School, lululemon athletica, Inspiring Women in STEM, Canadian Positive Psychology Association, Harvard University, International Coach Federation, and YPO.  Click here to see the full client list as well as what past clients and audience members have to say about Caroline’s presentations.

A sample of what we heard and received about Caroline’s presentations:

“Caroline has inspired us and brought-in a powerful conversation about the way and the type of goals we set within the organization. Furthermore, the open reflection of our strengths and the practices to cultivate GRIT have sparked a new way of approaching the way we can lead our teams, have a real impact in every person through connecting with their purpose, and develop a mindset to have bigger and bolder goals for our organization.”
Carlos Puyo, Corporate Director Leadership and Learning, Belcorp

“Caroline Miller was an exceptional addition to our LEAD2017 conference and I’m so truly thankful to have been able to share her charismatic and inspirational keynote with our audience. She seamlessly engaged with everyone and left us all feeling inspired and more empowered to be better leaders in both our professional and personal lives. Thank you Caroline, for teaching us about Grit and showing us that we can all inspire change.”
LEAD 2017, HR.com

“Caroline Miller is an inspiration! Her engaging and powerful presentation resonated with our audience of scientists by incorporating data and research on grit into her stories and observations. She taught us not only why grit is so critical, but how to cultivate perseverance and passion to achieve our goals.”
Inspiring Women in STEM Conference

“Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the success of the 2017 PESA National Conference, held in Sydney…“Getting Grit: How to Embed Passion, Persistence and Awe in your School,” was quite compelling … certainly resonated with our delegates…Your engaging and dynamic keynote address was a wonderful way to kick off our conference.”
Positive Education Schools Association Ltd

  • TedX Talk
    Caroline talks about grit and the moments that make champions
    TEDx Gramercy. Click to watch video.
  • Caroline Adams Miller Speaker
    Goal Success Keynote Speaker
    Caroline often keynotes to large audiences about her unique approach to goal success. Here she addresses a multi-national audience at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C.
  • keynote speaker
    Caroline keynotes regularly at conferences on leadership, human resources and creating a positive work culture, as she did here at the WorkHuman conference in Orlando, FL in 2016.
  • Canadian Positive Psychology Association.
    Educating for Resilience conference in Toronto, Canada
    Hosted by the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, Caroline presented the closing keynote. Her talk received enthusiastic reviews and a standing ovation.
  • speaker
    Caroline keynotes regularly at corporate gatherings about leadership, grit, women, and successful goal-setting for maximum change.
  • teacher
    Caroline is a popular teacher in the Wharton Executive MBA program at the University of Pennsylvania where she presents about the science of grit, goals and happiness.
  • LEAD2017 Keynote Speaker
    Caroline was one of 13 international speakers selected for LEAD2017's presentation to 10,000 HR executives around the world.


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