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  • Grit in the Rockies
    Caroline talks about grit and the moments that make champions
    TEDx Gramercy. Click to watch video.
  • Caroline Adams Miller Speaker
    Goal Success Keynote Speaker
    Caroline often keynotes to large audiences about her unique approach to goal success. Here she addresses a multi-national audience at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C.
  • speaker
    Annual Success in the City Speaker
    Caroline addresses large audiences about her unique approach of enhancing goal success by using the science of Positive Psychology. Here she is kicking off the annual “Success in the City” Power Up Your Happiness series in Washington, D.C.
  • speaker
    Creating Your Best Life
    Caroline Adams Miller often speaks about the best-selling “Creating Your Best Life” at motivational events, keynote addresses and corporate retreats.
  • speaker
    Metropolitan Business Council
    Caroline Adams Miller was the keynote speaker for the Metropolitan Business Council’s inaugural luncheon.
  • speaker
    Caroline has taught for multiple years in the diploma program at the Universidad Iberoamericana in mexico City about Positive Psychology and goal accomplishment, as well as the University of Texas-Dallas in their School of Management.

Speaker and Presenter

Ms. Miller is widely recognized as a uniquely talented speaker who shares her pioneering work with Positive Psychology, goal-setting and grit with audiences around the world in new and provocative ways. Since the late 1980s, she has been keynoting at wellness conferences, colleges, workshops, corporate goal-setting events, symposia, company retreats and university classes with her acclaimed blend of research, personal experiences, charisma and client stories. She draws raves in every setting, and is often asked for repeat engagements.

Popular Presentations

One of Caroline’s most popular presentations is called “Authentic Grit: Who Has It, Why It Matters & How to Get More Of It.” Suitable for many speech audiences, this educational and inspiring 90-minute multi-media speech covers the connections between happiness and success, the hidden factors that hinder or help goal accomplishment, and how we can make small changes every day to become grittier and more resilient. Other speech topics include: “The 3 Things Everyone Should Know & Do To Find Happiness and Success,” and “How To Fight Back Against the Culture of Trophies for All & Create a Culture of Grit.”

TEDx Audience Caroline Adams Miller Speaking

Satisfied Clients Have Included

TEDx Gramercy
National Press Club
Int’l Federation Midwest Regional Conference
Young Presidents’ Organization
Edward Jones
The Central Exchange
Success in the City
NOEL Frontline Conference
National Association of Professional Organizers
American Society of Journalist and Authors
Entrepreneurs’ Organization
Gaithersburg, MD Book Festival
American University Leadership Conference
Harvard University
The Power Conference
Colgate University

University of Maryland Hinman Scholars Program
Ohio State University
International Coach Federation Annual Conference
Positive Psychology Think Tank
Heartland Coaches Association
VA Chamber of Commerce Women’s Leadership Forum
Johns Hopkins University
Bryn Mawr College
James Madison University
Washington & Lee University
S.U.N.Y. – Albany
Renssalaer Polytechnic
Columbia University
University of Texas Expert Forum


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