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Serving Your Success: Risks and Succeeding with Grit – Episode 20

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with “Dr. Success” – Dr. Andrea Goeglein – in Las Vegas, Nevada to talk about grit, the story behind the upcoming publication of “Getting Grit,” and how I overcame a year of rejections to write a book that has already been called “one of the 10 books that will change your life in 2017”.

Andrea approaches every interview with thoughtful preparation and unique insights that are only available to a practitioner who has a long history of applying research to effect change in others. She elicited a lot of “aha!” moments from me, including how I realized in midlife that I’d had success and not grit in my earlier years, what my children have taught me about passion and persistence, how my year in the Penn MAPP program changed the course of my life, and much more.

To watch the half-hour broadcast on YouTube, click here.

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