Teleclass Series

How to Expertly Set, Pursue & Achieve the Goals that will ELECTRIFY Your Life!

Caroline Adams Miller

For the first time, I’m bringing my decades of experience as a coach and learner to a unique four-week teleclass open to the general public.

Whether it’s the beginning of a year or not, there is never a “wrong” time to look at our lives and set fresh, inspiring goals that will take us towards a more meaningful and flourishing life. The only problem is that most people don’t know the science of goal setting, or the research around what makes us most likely to succeed, and very few people have a document that pulls together not only the actual goals, but the vision, steps, accountability factors and psychological tricks that can spell the difference between living a reactive life or a proactive life.

In this class, you will not only learn how to set goals, but also how to envision and create a strategic five-year plan for yourself, and why the happiest and most successful people have short-term and long-term goals. After all, if companies have mission statements and growth plans, shouldn’t all of us?

“I have been totally inspired by Caroline’s class to set goals in a new and more structured way.”



In addition, you will learn:

  • The one reason why New Year’s resolutions often fail and the easy way to solve it
  • The critical and often unknown factor that is necessary for all success, across all life domains, and that has rarely been communicated to the general public
  • Why SMART goals are actually dumb in many situations
  • What investment Google has made in goal success and how you can benefit from their work
  • How to set the “right” goals and how to know when you have set the “wrong” goals
  • Which internal “muscle” gets depleted in the course of the day that will spell disaster if you don’t know what it is and how to replenish it
  • Why your “web of influence” might need to change and who won’t be allowed in
  • Which visualization technique works to enhance success and which one doesn’t, and why
  • What the most critical factor is in accomplishing hard goals that require passion and persistence, and how to know if you have it, and how to get more
  • What four factors contribute to being resilient
  • Why changing your computer passwords can have a massive impact on goal success in ways you might never guess
  • Which specific behavior shift TRIPLES your chances of accomplishing hard goals, and the research behind it

Cost is $500. The class will be interactive, with homework and handouts to supplement the learning and takeaways. A certificate will be available for graduates spelling out the theories and educational concepts taught that many coaches and professionals need for continuing education purposes.

The teleclass will be taped and available for the class if there is an absence.

Class is limited to fifteen participants. The 90-minute teleclass will be held on four consecutive weeks:


Upon completion of the Level 1 class, students can apply to a six-week application class to put the goal-setting concepts into practice. Click here for upcoming classes.