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Developing Grit, Patience, & Passion on the “Becoming Superhuman” podcast with Jonathan Levi

June 20, 2017

Jonathan Levi interviewed Caroline Adams Miller for his “Becoming Superhuman” podcast, and it was downloaded over 5,000 times within one day!

In this interview, Jonathan talks to Caroline about grit; What is it? What does it help with? How does it work? Can you learn it? They go into her story, the role of passion, the power of patience, and much, much more.

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In this episode, Caroline and Jonathan discuss:

  • Who is Caroline Adams Miller, what is her unique background, and what does she do?
  • The painful story of Caroline Miller’s bulimia, how she overcame it, and why it led her to do what she does today
  • What words of wisdom does Caroline Adams Miller offer for anyone suffering from bulimia?
  • What exactly is “grit,” and how does it differ from things like tenacity and willpower?
  • What are the various types of “grit,” and how do they differ?
  • Where does inspiring others fit into “grit?”
  • What if you don’t have the passion or motivation you need? How can you develop it?
  • What homework can you do at home this week to cultivate more patience (and grit?)
  • A discussion of “everybody is a winner” generation, and how it’s harming kids today
  • A conversation about Israel and how the mandatory military service influences people’s grit
  • Thoughts on neuroplasticity, meditation, and how you can re-wire your brain for grit
  • How do people with extreme grit push through the pain, where others would give up?
  • How to get in touch with Caroline Adams Miller
  • The #1 takeaway from this episode

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