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You may have heard about happiness or how to accomplish goals,
but you've never heard
ANYTHING like what you'll learn in this four-week course.



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$297 full, live course
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{More Science, Less Woo}


In this rich, jam-packed class, you'll learn how to apply winning research to your own life to maximize your flourishing, as well as:

  • The one reason why New Year’s resolutions often fail and the easy way to solve it
  • The critical and often unknown factor that is necessary for all success, across all life domains, and that has rarely been communicated to the general public
  • Why SMART goals are actually dumb in many situations
  • What investment Google has made in goal success and how you can benefit from their work
  • How to set the “right” goals and how to know when you have set the “wrong” goals
  • Which internal “muscle” gets depleted in the course of the day that will spell disaster if you don’t know what it is and how to replenish it
  • Why your “web of influence” might need to change and who won’t be allowed in
  • Which visualization technique works to enhance success and which one doesn’t, and why
  • What the most critical factor is in accomplishing hard goals that require passion and persistence, and how to know if you have it, and how to get more
  • What four factors contribute to being resilient
  • Why changing your computer passwords can have a massive impact on goal success in ways you might never guess
  • Which specific behavior shift TRIPLES your chances of accomplishing hard goals, and the research behind it



“I wanted better science-based research and positive psychology interventions to coach executives
and entrepreneurs … Caroline delivered and is no doubt the best goal guru in the world.”

"There are many tech entrepreneurs regurgitating advice that is anecdotal at best and potentially harmful at worst.
Caroline Adams Miller's program and advice is based upon proven science and years of study and experience.
She is a master at dissecting volumes of significant knowledge and organizing it in ways that are practical for everyday use.”


Don't miss this opportunity
to learn the newest information
that will actually help you
create your best life,
not just wish and hope for it.

Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP is an internationally recognized expert in the field of positive psychology and its connection with success. Her unique approach is based on cutting-edge research and proven techniques, many of which were published for the first time in her best-selling book, "Creating Your Best Life," which has been translated into multiple languages and is also used as a textbook in some schools. The book has been praised by the "father of Positive Psychology," Martin Seligman, who noted that it added "a major missing piece to the world of coaching."

I am offering two ways for you to experience this course. For those who want to go through the class at your own pace, the class is $197 and you can start any time and take as long as you want on any step. 

For those who want to take the course at the same time with other people, and share the journey in a lively cohort that experiences each step and assignment together, the class is $297. This course will include two live Q & A calls with me, as well as daily feedback to participants in the discussion areas. Read our course FAQ here.

$297 full, live course
Next course date TBA


$197 at your own pace


What people are saying about Caroline's Online Courses

This was a meaningful and important undertaking for me as I ring in the new year.

It's been an excellent course that has open the space for profound reflection regarding where am I, in my life,
and where and how do I want to continue my journey.

This was exactly what I needed to jump start my new year.

What a fun way to learn, communicate and connect. I particularly enjoyed the concise science created for us here.
Pithy and pertinent and cutting edge.

Taking this course has added to my efforts in achieving my goals and being happier in such a way
that makes me feel more fulfilled.

I really enjoyed learning expanded points on the research and being able to get insightful answers to my questions.
I have a renewed sense of purpose and drive to go after everything I truly want. What I love about the format of this course, is not only the amazing online structure Ruzuku and content Caroline has provided, but the amazing compassion, active constructive communication available with peers who I otherwise would not know. This course has not only helped me start to see and feel the uniqueness in me, but it has elevated my faith in humanity.